Music videos become “tourism ambassadors”
Beautiful images of landscapes, people and unique cultures of many regions are becoming "treasures" as many artists have been producing music videos (MVs), contributing to promoting tourism, the land and the people of Vietnam.
Beholding Hue beauty through MV series “Di mo rua?”
In an attempt to promote the beauty of Hue nature and people in an unusual way, Nguyen Chi Hieu and collaborators have made “Di mo rua?” (‘Where are you going?’),…
The beauty of Vietnamese landscape and people are honored in Travel Photographer Awards
Some Vietnam-themed beautiful photos have won high prizes at the “Travel Photographer of the Year 2020” contest.
Exhibition boasts of beauty of Viet Nam’s land and people
A total of 55 photo collections featuring the beauty of Viet Nam’s land and people are being displayed at an exhibition in Nguyen Van Binh Book Street in Ho Chi Minh City.