VNAT’s Vice Chairman Ha Van Sieu attends the seminar on Tuyen Quang Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion
Update: Apr 05, 2022
On 3rd April, in Tuyen Quang Province, Investment Promotion Centre (People’s Committee of Tuyen Quang Province) organised a seminar “Tuyen Quang Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion 2022”.
Mr. Ha Van Sieu, VNAT’s Vice Chairman speaking at the seminar
Attended the seminar, Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) assessed that Tuyen Quang is a locality owning many unique cultural festivals and special culinary, majestic scenery, unique ecology, etc that are valuable tourism resources to develop attractive tourism products. Tourism promotion and stimulation activities of Tuyen Quang Province have made progress in recent years. Especially the first international hot air balloon festival in Tuyen Quang recently was recorded as the largest hot air balloon festival in Vietnam.
VNAT’s Vice Chairman Ha Van Sieu stated that, after a long period being affected by the pandemic, the tourism industry in particular and the economy in general are waiting for an opportunity to break through. The Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM) Ha Noi 2022 is an affirmation that tourism is recovering and will develop strongly in the near future.
VNAT will continue to work with Tuyen Quang Province to promote tourism development in the context that all tourism activities are resuming from 15th March 2022. The Vietnam tourism industry is promoting international communication activities with the media campaign "Live fully in Vietnam".
At the same time, Mr. Sieu also wished that through the seminar, businesses would have many comments to contribute to the province's research and development, promulgation of development policies as well as investment attraction; Simultaneously, creating a connection between businesses and localities. The press and media agencies continue to pay attention to and convey images of beautiful Tuyen Quang tourism to domestic and international visitors.
At the seminar, travel businesses shared their opinions on the potential, strengths and limitations of Tuyen Quang tourism, in which emphasised a number of issues such as undiversified tourism products, a lack in human resources, tourism industry and services that have not yet met the diverse requirements of tourists, especially for high-class customers… Businesses believe that Tuyen Quang tourism needs to build zones and points to sell OCOP products and souvenirs; prolonging Thanh Tuyen festival and build up a strong communication for the event; invest in a standard homestay system; calling for local investors to expand and upgrade the accommodation system in Na Hang District and Lam Binh District; Provide open mechanisms and policies to invite strategic investors into the tourism sector...
Mr. Hoang Viet Phuong - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tuyen Quang Province speaking at the seminar
Noting the comments, Mr. Hoang Viet Phuong - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tuyen Quang Province said that, in 2022, Tuyen Quang Province will focus on investing in the development of transport infrastructure. Besides, Tuyen Quang also focuses on developing retreat and medical tourism, sports at My Lam mineral spring area. In particular, the province is upholding infrastructure of transport, telecommunications, electricity, water, environment, accommodation facilities, tourism development associated with organic agriculture, etc. in two districts of Na Hang and Lam Binh to develop a number of tourism types, such as discovery, experience, retreat, community, combining adventure tourism such as paragliding, lakebed tourism; restore the festival of Thanh Tuyen on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Mr. Phuong indicated, in the near future, Tuyen Quang Province will promote cooperation and alliances, promote the unique local tourism products, while preserving the ancient features, indigenous cultural identity and pristine beauty.
At the framework of seminar, the Investment Promotion Centre of Tuyen Quang Province signed a memorandum of agreement on cooperation in investment, trade and tourism promotion with Ha Noi Promotion Agency, Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company, Ha Noi Unesco Travel Club and G7 Travel Association Ho Chi Minh City.
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