326 artifacts from Khmer ancient life collected
Update: May 19, 2014
The southern Tra Vinh provincial museum has collected 326 objects of antiquity of Khmer ethnic minority groups. The inventory includes 238 objects related to fishing and agriculture and 88 objects related to painting.

This is the result of the two-year implementation of the project to collect ancient objects on fishing and agricultural tools, sculpture and painting of the Khmer ethnic minority group.

According to the director of Tra Vinh provincial museum Nguyen Duc To, most of the sculptures and the fishing and agricultural tools were made of rare wood. Many of the items found are more than 100 years old.

The Khmer Ethnic Culture Museum was built in 1997 to preserve and promote the cultural values of the Khmer ethnic minority. It has preserved and exhibited over 600 items reflecting the spiritual and cultural life of the group. The period of origin of these items spans the time of the group’s appearance in Tra Vinh province until the later stages of the 20th century.

The museum welcomes about 90,000 domestic and foreign tourists each year. The institution educates visitors on the fine cultural identity and traditions of the Khmer ethnic minority.

Tra Vinh provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has carried out a project for investment, collection and statistical analysis of all intangible culture of the Khmer ethnic minority in the province. It’s objective is to preserve and promote fine cultural values.