Ha Long Bay selected as one of top 10 fishing spots around the world
Update: Oct 30, 2014
Ha Long Bay has been chosen as one of the world’s best fishing spots by the well-known travel website, Lonely Planet.

The website advised tourists to spend a night fishing squid in Ha Long Bay. It is a very special experience for tourists to see the beauty of the bay’s jade-green waters on moonless evenings and fishing for the slippery little cephalopods that go into the region’s best-known specialty: squid sausages.

With only a bamboo rod, a catch net and a lamp to attract the squid to the surface, anyone can hook themselves an impressive 30-plus squid in just a couple of hours. The stillness of the bay dotted by the dreamy reflection of the lamps makes for a contemplative, romantic evening, Lonely Planet said.

Squid season in Ha Long begins in April and runs through until January: the biggest squid are caught between October and November.

Also on the list of top 10 fishing spots around the world are Kola Penninsula (Russia), Cairns (Australia), South America, Eg-Uur river (Mongolia), Amazon river (Brazil), Osstduinkerke (Belgium), Congo river basin, Brainerd (USA) and Rio Grande (Tierra del Fuego).

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