Traditional tug of war honoured as national cultural heritage
Update: Apr 03, 2015
The Binh Xuyen district of northern Vinh Phuc province was presented with a certificate recognising its tug of war festival in Huong Canh town as a national intangible cultural heritage on April 2.

The local tug of war, using a rattan rope, replicated the practices of naval forces led by national hero Ngo Quyen that helped Viet Nam defeat invading troops from the Southern Han state of China on the Bach Dang River in 938.

It is traditionally organised at spring festivals by a number of villages in Binh Xuyen district such as Ngoai Trach, Quat Luu, Son Loi, and Thanh Lang.

Nowadays, the game is maintained only in Huong Canh town, especially in the Huong Canh, Ngoc Canh, and Tien Canh villages.

The tug of war festival in Huong Canh town, taking place on the third day of the first lunar month, was recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2014.

Authorities of Binh Xuyen district plan to organise workshops to further clarify the game’s cultural identities and work with professional agencies to create a database to preserve and popularise the tradition.

They will also include the game in local school curriculum to educate the youth about the traditional practice.