Ha Long smile – a trademark of Quang Ninh
Update: Nov 06, 2014
The “Ha Long smile” program is the first and important campaign in the strategy of building the trademark of Quang Ninh province.

The program started from the idea building a trademark for Ha Long from different images – the most outstanding and easily recognised specifications of local people.

It was launched, by Quang Ninh’s provincial leaders at the ceremony to celebrate 20 years of UNESCO’s recognition of Ha Long bay as a world heritage site.

At the ceremony, nine leaders smiled warmly and created heart shapes with their hands to kick off the program, which aims to turn the locality into a place of smiles, hospitality, friendliness and politeness.

The program brings a message of “Please smile, the smile from your heart, together with us, for yourself, for everybody and for the community, for Ha Long – a heritage of the human, for a better Viet Nam”.

In 1994, Ha Long bay was officially listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. In 2000, the bay was additionally recognized for its special value on geography-geomorphology. In 2011, it surpassed 261 other landscapes around the world to be voted as one among seven new natural wonders of the world.